Socks The Hamptons

Do you want to know how to live the American dream in serious style?

First, make a fortune on Wall Street. 

Second, get North America’s socialites on side.

Third, buy a second home in the Hamptons.

Alternatively, pair your Hamptons striped socks with some cool New Balance trainers, sit down on the terrace, order a glass of Chardonnay (with an American accent of course) and live it up!

9,52 CHF


11,90 CHF


White socks with blue stripes - a real classic


100% made in France, from high quality cotton, our socks comply with European quality standards which guarantees increased comfort and durability.

Our supplier uses indian and/or american cotton. His cotton is dyed by an Italian company which is established since 1993 and is certified with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Class / GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard / Cotton USA / Amicor / Amicor 40 60 / Sanitized.


To keep the beauty and softness of your striped socks, we recommend that you wash them at 40°C maximum, if possible inside out. Also, try to avoid iron at high temperature and dryer.


72% Combed Cotton, 26% Polyamide, 2% Elastane

ColoursNavy blue

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Are you always straddling rock and rap? Are you trying to find your own style but can’t decide? Torn between a mullet and a buzz cut? A biker jacket or a yellow Lacoste track top? Do you have a daily debate between leather boots and your Adidas SuperStars? White socks or awesome striped socks? Why choose? Waaaallllk this way, Taaaaalk this way!!! Yeah!!!

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12,90 CHF

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Yes, we can! Well no, we can’t restart the world economy, reduce unemployment, increase your purchasing power, guarantee 8 weeks of paid holiday or any other promises from the election campaigns. However, we can promise you that you can have the world at your feet in the OBAMA socks. You can even pretend to drink scotch with world leaders as you puff on a...

10,32 CHF 12,90 CHF -20%

Zest up your Lemonade striped socks to keep your feet fresh no matter what’s going on around you. They’re your BFFs for hot summer nights. My Sock Factory team recommends you add a few drops of gin to the wash to give you a little lift.

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Blue Bankers striped socks are a safe bet on the sock market and causing quite a stir on the trading floor. Your financial advisor will tell you never to put all your eggs in one basket and that's exactly why Blue Banker original socks are made of 72% cotton, 26% polyamide and 2% elastane.

12,90 CHF

Shine bright like a diamond…let your feet tap to the beat as they dream of the day you’ll release them from your shoes and let them shine, like Diamonds in the Sky… Put your best foot forward and make the dream come true.

9,52 CHF 11,90 CHF -20%

You’ve gone for the coolest Frats on campus so make sure everyone knows about it. Leave beer pong and drinking games to the losers…But make sure you check out the scene from time to time, you need to socialise and secure your future after all. So if you really want to make your mark, don't forget to wear your favourite My Sock Factory striped socks.

12,90 CHF

This is sooo British! There’s nothing like a game of cricket and a jug of Pimm’s to unwind for a day…The devil’s in the detail and the must-have “Lord of Socks” striped socks will have you leading in the style stakes.

12,90 CHF

Flares, platform shoes, sequins, strass and you're whisked back to the 70s on the famous New York club's dance floor.  OK let's calm down, it was almost 50 years ago and time, like fashion, has changed a bit…Luckily the striped Studio 54 socks are woven with pop culture and will take you back to disco's heyday…and you don't even have to showboat to your...

12,90 CHF



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